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The Anchorhold

The Divine Office

By hallowing of periods of time throughout each day and by its weekly and yearly rhythms, the recitation of the Divine Office allows worship to permeate the whole of life.  It is both an offering of praise and an act of intercession for the world.


This ‘Opus Dei’ – the work of God – rests upon the constant recitation of the Psalter and biblical texts.  The recitation of the Psalter provides a direct link to the prayer of Christ, and over months and years, increasing familiarity with the texts allows them to sink into the unconscious, providing sustenance for meditation and prayer and nourishment for the inner journey.

The ‘work of God’ also refers to God working within us. The texts of the psalms cover every emotion and give voice to all human experience.  Thus as we pray them, we learn more about our common humanity and become more deeply immersed in the mystery of the Incarnation.

In continuing the tradition of the Divine Office, we are helped and carried along by the stream of worship that continually arises in the present and which stretches back through time.  In this way we are reminded that our worship and prayer is never just ours alone.


I maintain a five fold office:  Vigils, Lauds, Midday office, Vespers and Compline.


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