Held in Love


Friday 1st OR Saturday 2nd April 2022


Our lives tend to be pulled around by many competing pressures - for example, on time, on money, on relationships.   


During this season of Lent, we are often reminded of the discipline we need in order that we allow God to remain at the centre of life.  But in a society that champions the freedom of the individual, discipline can often be seen as something to rebel against or to fear. 


During this day, we will take time to explore how we might understand the idea of discipline more creatively and how it might help us to live life more abundantly, reminding us that we are constantly held within the love of God.


The day will be hosted on Zoom and will have space with input but also space for both personal reflection and small group interaction should you choose.


The cost will be £30.00


To register your interest or to book a place please contact me.

Holding Discerning Space


June 10th, 17th and 24th 2022



Following the ‘Holding Space’ programme in 2021, Rachel and Nick are offering ‘Holding Discerning Space’ in June 2022. 


We use the term ‘Holding space’ as a way of describing a part of what we ‘do’ when we meet with someone as a spiritual director.  This space has at its heart the intention to be centred on the Divine. Continual discernment is needed to maintain this. 

But how do we understand discernment and how do we hold a discerning stance?

In these three sessions, we will explore these questions to gain greater clarity about how we can enable the formation of spiritual directors in a way that truly reflects the nature of spiritual direction itself.

The sessions are aimed at those who are involved in the formation of spiritual directors or who are considering setting up courses. It is not necessary for participants to have attended ‘Holding Space’.

During our time together participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own experience of receiving direction and training as well as sharing their wisdom and experience of facilitating formation programmes.  

Our aim is for participants to gain insights on the discerning stance needed by a formation team, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of holding the stance, and so be beneficial for their own formation programmes.

For full information and to book a place, please follow this link here:  Holding Discerning Space