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Please check back again for news of events or see below for availability of pre-recorded sessions.

Pre - recorded sessions

Let us go to Bethlehem

During these talks we will take time to consider the journeys of some of those whom the Gospels tell us travelled to Bethlehem. Alongside those journeys, we will be reflecting upon our own road to Bethlehem as we move towards Christmas amidst the uncertainties of our present time.

Alongside each address there will be some resources suggested for prayer time.  How much time you give to reflection and prayer is for you to decide, as is how quickly you choose to move through the sessions. For example, you might choose to use this opportunity to take some retreat type space within your own home, or simply use them as a focus for reflection prior to Christmas.

These sessions were originally delivered as a week long online retreat in Advent 2020, when the Covid pandemic was still at its height.

There are six sessions each of about 25 minutes.

The cost for six sessions is £35.00

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