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The Anchorhold

Daily Life

My life is bounded by the vows of Consecrated celibacy, conversion of life and stability, and is lived according to a Rule of Life.  


Daily life is structured around a framework of prayer, typically beginning early in the morning with the Office of readings and personal prayer, and then punctuated by the other office of Lauds, Sext and Vespers and Compline.

This provides an over-arching structure to the day around which are fitted domestic duties, work commitments, time for reading and time for relaxation.


The ideal is to maintain a balance between prayer, work and recreation within any day and within the life as a whole.


Undertaking work outside of the house is a necessity in order to provide financially for myself.   Work may be differing kinds, but I remain conscious that prayer is my primary vocation, and that must not be compromised by the temptation to give too much time or energy over to other forms of ministry.  


Prayer must remain constant and vigorous, as it underpins the whole of life.  All else that I undertake, flows from this centre.

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