The Anchorhold

'To be human now is the reason we follow the star....'

W H Auden

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Therefore the Eucharist is at the centre of life.  In making this offering, the whole of life, both who we are as individuals and all that we do, is joined by the Holy Spirit to the eternal offering of Christ.  In this way, our lives become the bread of the Eucharist, which we then receive back from the Altar, transfigured and renewed and healed.  


The four fold actions of the Eucharist, being taken, blessed, broken and given provide a pattern for living daily life.

The Eucharistic Life

Altar of repose 2


We are taken by God : ‘You did not choose me, no I chose you…’  (Jn 15:16)

However we need to allow ourselves to be taken.



We are blessed; consecrated; set apart for a purpose. ' The Holy Spirit will come upon you....' (Lk 1:35)

But to be used for God’s purpose and not our own.



We are broken: broken open that our lives can be shared. All of us know pain that in some ways changes us irrevocably,

but  which also carries the possibility of enriching life.  


'..It is the God who said let light shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts..... but we have this treasure in earthen vessels....'  (2Cor 4:6 ff.)


We are asked to give of ourselves, a costly giving of both of who we are and what we have; both of our riches and our poverty'. 


'I lay down my life in order to take it up again.... (Jn 10:17)


We must also learn to receive the gifts of other people, that this nurturing may flow beyond the bounds of any established church or faith.

At the centre of life as a Christian is the Paschal mystery of life gained through death:


 ‘He who loses his life will live…’


This echoes the mystery of our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection.