The Anchorhold

'To be human now is the reason we follow the star....'

W H Auden

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Part of being human is that sense of experiencing something that is both beyond and other than ourselves, but of which we are somehow a part.  


This sense of relating to the depths of creation and existence are awakened by many things.  For example, seeing a beautiful sunset or an awe-inspiring montain peak.  It might be something we sense within the pattern of our own life or something we experience when meeting with another person.


Spirituality is described in many ways but involves:


  • growing in awareness of of how we connect to ourselves, to others and to the Divine - whatever name we may use for God.

  • exploring what meaning we make of our life and the circumstances we find ourselves in

  • Exploring how we let our beliefs, values and desires inform and shape our life.


Any real or authentuc spirituality will bring with it an increasing sense of being present to ourselves in body. mind and Spirit.


Learning to 'live the questions' - questions such as 'How come?..' 'What sense do I make of this?..'  What do I want?....'  will keep us moving along our path and requires us to trust that God is present and at work within us.


'What is going on in your innermost being is worthy of your whole love'  (Rilke)


Spiritual direction is a relationship which creates the space for reflecting on and discerning the presence of God in life’s experiences and for increasing our awareness of how to live out of that Presence.  The strands of the work may include:


Learning about our real identity:  we are not simply what we have, or what we do, nor are we what others say about us. Rather we need to discover who we are in the depths of our Being.


Opening ourselves to the many ways in which we experience the Divine Presence throughout life: increasing our awareness of God, ourselves and the world around us.  Thus our daily experiences in life gradually find a way of meeting and resonating with our deepest Self.

Spirituality and Spiritual Direction

Increasing our awareness in this way requires us to develop a practice of prayer or meditation that will both sustain and nourish us.


As we travel in the company of all humanity, we discover that this is not only ‘my journey’ but also ‘our journey’, and we must seek to find ways of carrying ourselves in the world with compassion and to discover what that asks of us.  


Spiritual direction involves  a regular meeting usually every one to three months, the frequency being determined by the individual and their circumstances.