The Anchorhold

'To be human now is the reason we follow the star....'

W H Auden

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Rule of Life



 ‘..May you know the hope to which he has called you..’  (Eph1:18)


The Christian life is a journey; a journey with and into God; a journey to become the person whom God created us to be.


Both the vows and the solitude of the life preserve the ‘space’ necessary to remain engaged day by day with the mystery of God, the mystery of Creation and the mystery of Being.



‘I will fulfil my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people.’  (Ps116:12)


The vows are the means by which the whole of life is consecrated and offered to God.  


The vow of consecrated celibacy defines the overall direction of life, as it provides for the primary relationship around which the life is built. The vows of conversion of life and stability preserve a balance between living with the provisionality necessary to an ongoing journey, and the unchanging nature of a life immersed in the eternal God.



‘..Christ in you the hope of glory..’  (Col 1:27)


By defining the central relationship in life as being directed towards God, the vow frees us to discern and live out of the whole of our being.  It enables us to learn how to relate to all around us with the totality of ourselves.


This requires a quality of emotional and spiritual engagement and an ability to share something of those inner struggles that characterise our unfolding human nature.

‘..God’s temple is holy and you are that temple..’  (1Cor3:17)


Although consecrated celibacy has aspects of sacrifice which must never be minimised, it is a great gift, reminding us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit, places where Christ must be brought to birth.


Opening ourselves to the world, we are available to all, free to love everyone and no-one in particular.